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I keep notes on some of my favourite cooks. Check them out for some inspiration on different things to try on your BBQ


With a few simple skills you can create some amazing food. If you want to learn the basics of BBQ, these articles will help you on your way


Thinking of getting some new gear? I have been lucky enough to try out some great BBQ gear. Here are my thoughts on all of it

I started the Barbechoo YouTube channel because I wanted to create videos to help beginners learn about the techniques involved in using your BBQ to cook amazing food. The channel is only getting started but I have some great content lined up for 2018

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30 Days to Better BBQ is a series of articles I published everyday during June 2017 to help beginners get to grips with the basics of BBQ. Each article contained tips on different techniques and recipes, written by some of the most influential people on the UK BBQ Scene.

Including articles from Marcus Bawdon, Jackie Weight and many more. This series is full of useful information for both beginners and experienced Q’ers. The series covers setting up your BBQ for different styles of cooking, Fuel choice, preparing for a cook, baking on your BBQ and much more.

Useful Resources

I have compiled a list of amazing resources, suppliers and products that will help you get started on your BBQ journey.

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