I have two real passions in my life… BBQ and videography. Smash those two passions together and you end up with the Barbechoo YouTube channel. However… the channel isn’t just about me having fun! The main aim is to educate, entertain and inspire you with your BBQ cooking and to show that there’s more to BBQ than just burgers and sausages.

So I try to mix up my videos to include tutorials, cooks and some random BBQ related videos. You can see some examples below but for all my videos, head over to Youtube and hit the subscribe button

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BBQ Know How

This is what its all about… helping people learn that there is more to BBQ by showing them some simple techniques and explaining how they can get the most from their BBQ.

The BBQ Know how series talks you through everything you need to know about BBQ from buying your first BBQ to how to set it up for different styles of cooking. It’s the perfect series for anyone who us just starting out

Check out the BBQ Know How series

Barbechoo Review

We all enjoy new BBQ Gear… and whilst I am a huge proponent for making the most of the gear you have (it’s probably all you really need) – every now and then, you may decide to splash the cash on something new. I try to review products to show them in real life situations so you can decide if they are right for you.

If there is something you would like me to take a look at – send me a message below and I’ll contact the company to see if we can make it happen

Check out the Barbechoo Review series

Barbechoo Cooks

What BBQ Channel would be complete without some cooks? While the focus of my channel is educating beginners… from time to time I will share some recipes from my favourite books plus a few of my own creations.

These cooks will help you put all the tutorials into action and hopefully show you that there’s more to BBQ than sausages, burgers or huge chunks of low and slow meat… although they are nice too 🙂

Check out the Barbechoo Cooks Series

Barbechoo Vlog

OK… I’ll hold my hands up… I’m not entirely sure what these videos are but I do know they are all BBQ related. So from time to time I will throw a vlog episode in if I’m doing something BBQ related, Q&A Episodes, Mailtime episodes or if I’m visiting somewhere I think you guys might find interesting. These will be a little less structured but I’ll do my best to keep them entertaining and on topic 🙂

Check out the Barbechoo Vlog

Get involved!

As I said above… this channel isn’t my channel – it’s ours. It would be nothing without all of you guys so let’s build it together. If you have a question, video idea, review request or just want to say hi! leave a message below. I will try to answer as many questions as possible in my Q&A episodes or if it’s a question I am getting frequently – I will record and episode for it.

Brand Enquiries – If you are a brand with a product you would like me to feature on the channel – please get in touch via the brand enquiries page here