Would you like to be a founding member of BBQ Basics

That’s right! My first online course – BBQ Basics – opens for enrolment on Friday, 24th May 2019 to a limited group of founding members.

What is a founding member?

As this is the first time the course will launch, I want to open it up to a limited group of people who will help me build the course to ensure it is the best it can be. They will take the lessons as I release them and work closely with me to adjust, add or remove lessons as needed.

Are there any benefits for founding members?

Yes! as a founding member, you will receive an exclusive discounted price. When the course opens to the public, membership will cost £49 however founding members will get the course for £29.

This will grant you lifetime access to the course and any future content that might be added. I will also work closely with my founding members to ensure they are getting the most from the lessons.

Can anyone become a founding member?

As I will be working so closely with my founding members, I have to limit the number of members who can join at this stage. Once these spots are filled, I’m afraid enrolment will close and you will have to wait until the course opens to the public to join.

How do I become a founding member?

As I mentioned, BBQ Basics will open for enrolment on Friday, 24th May 2019 at the founding member price of £29. When the course is open, you can join at the link below.

To make sure you don’t miss out, make sure you are on my email list and I will contact you as soon as the course opens.

To find out more about what will be included in BBQ Basics, click the link below. There is a link at the bottom of the course page to sign up for my email list

Click here to visit the Barbechoo Academy | BBQ Basics course page

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