Controlling your cooking - 30 Days to Better BBQ

Tip #4: Keeping Control of your cooking – 30 Days to better BBQ

So far we have looked at why fuel choice is important and how to get the coals fired up so for today’s tip we’re diving into the sometimes tricky subject of keeping your cooking under control.


Marcus Bawdon from Country Wood SmokeOur tip today is brought to you by Marcus Bawdon from Marcus is possibly one of the most well known faces on the UK BBQ scene and someone who has worked tirelessly to promote this fantastic way to cook. His passion and enthusiasm for showing others how easy it is to get started has inspired me to learn new techniques and pass on this great hobby to others.


As well as Country Wood Smoke, Marcus is also the editor of the UK BBQ Mag which is a free to subscribe BBQ magazine released every season, crammed full of inspiring articles and recipes.


He has also recently started the UK BBQ School, where he personally teaches the fundamental basics of BBQ on his ‘BBQ Basics Course’ or helps you take your skills to the next level on his ‘Intermediate BBQ Skills’ course. You can find out more about the UK BBQ school at

Keeping your cooking under control


My biggest tip is to use 3 things to control the cooking of meat on your BBQ. The amount of fuel you add to your BBQ,the airflow to fuel through air inlet vents and with proximity of food to the charcoal.The closer the food is to the coals, the more the outside will colour. You can use these 3 things to have total control of your outdoor cooking.

This is a fantastic piece of advice from Marcus and one that a lot of beginners may struggle with. Personally, I find nothing more stressful than standing at a BBQ trying to move food around to stop it burning, it’s a lot like barbecuing at 100 mile per hour.


Simply slowing things down to a more controlled pace and learning about the different heat zones in your BBQ allows you to relax and enjoy cooking, and this is a hobby to be enjoyed.


In the next tip we’re going to look at how to monitor the temperature inside your BBQ and what you can do to keep it at your desired temperature.

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A massive thank you to Marcus for helping out with 30 Days to Better BBQ, I highly suggest you head over to where you will find links to all of Marcus’ websites. You can follow him on Twitter @devonwoodsmoke or join the now 7500+ Country Wood Smoke Facebook Group for a never ending wealth of inspiration and advice.


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