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Tip #20 – BBQ on the Go – 30 Days to Better BBQ

Today we are taking a look at BBQ on the go…… and there isn’t a disposable BBQ in sight!

There are lots of excellent portable BBQ’s available on the market today that are specifically designed for cooking on the go. The Weber GoAnywhere, Smokey Joe or the Stainless Steel THUROS T1 allow you to fire up anywhere and cook great food over live coals.

The tip today is by my good friend Jonathan Lillie from Backyard BBQ NI. Jonathan loves to show how easy it is to cook everyday meals on the BBQ. He enjoys nothing more than packing up the car with some basic BBQ gear and heading off for a day of cooking.

With that in mind, he has put together some tips to help you take your picnic game to the next level.


Q’ing on location

Plan Ahead

Check the weather for the day of your cook and some details about the location. Some public parks do not permit BBQ’s and there would be nothing worse than arriving with your gear and discovering you couldn’t use it.


Be Prepared

Getting to your BBQ location and realising that you left something essential at home would be a nightmare. It is best to have a checklist of gear you normally need or have a separate kit that you use for cooking on the go.

Here are some of the BBQ essentials you may need for cooking on the go:

Lighter / matches

Lighter cubes / Flamers


Portable Chimney Starter

Tinfoil/ trays


Meat Thermometer

Paper towels/ wet wipes


Grill brush

Water to put out coals when done


Storing your Food

Invest in a good cool box to store all your meat and perishable goods. Be ruthless with what needs to go into it and what can be stored in a normal bag. Meat and mayonnaise based side dishes will need to be kept chilled until you are ready to cook / eat them.

Kebabs are good for BBQ on the go. You want to avoid messy or hard to eat food due to limited clean-up facilities. Tandoori chicken, lamb marinated with balsamic vinegar and rosemary/basil/thyme, or even fajita on a stick (chicken or pork with lime, tequila, cumin, chilli pepper, garlic, oregano, alternated with bell peppers and onions) works well for sliding the food off the skewer onto grill warmed tortillas.


Finally, make sure you bring a few plastic bags to help with cleanup. Disposable plates, cups and cutlery can be put in the bin but other BBQ utensils or plastic containers can be wrapped inside a plastic bag and placed into your cool box making them easy to carry home.


As a family, we love our days out to see all the corners of our beautiful little country and the Weber GoAnywhere is a regular BBQ companion on these days. It’s so simple to get going and cook some tasty food, rather than making do with simply sandwiches and crisps.

You can keep it simple with something like hot dogs, burgers, wings or chicken skewers. If you take a look through Jonathan’s Backyard BBQ NI page you will see that he has cooked up entire meals on location using his Smokey Joe’s. All it takes is a little preparation ahead of time so all you have to do when you arrive at your location is enjoy the view and cook some great BBQ.


A huge thank you to Jonathan for helping out with 30 Days to Better BBQ and providing such a great tip. Remember to visit his Backyard BBQ NI page on Facebook and follow his cooks.

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