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Tip #15 – Indirect Cooking is a Game Changer – 30 Days to Better BBQ

As week 3 of 30 days to better BBQ kicks off, we have some great words of advice from Ben and Dan from United Q on why indirect cooking is a game changer.

United Q LogoBen (@Ben40Forte) and Dan (@DanielShahin) are the hosts of the UK’s only BBQ podcast ‘United Q’ where they talk to some of the most influential people on the UK BBQ scene. They also recently organised Q Fest, a BBQ Competition held over a weekend at the end of April in Devon.

Ben also releases recipes and articles on his website and you can find articles from both Ben and Dan in the UK BBQ Mag


Indirect Cooking would be my number one tip for people wanting to level up in their BBQ life. Beginners see a BBQ as simply a grill so when they see things like cakes or large cuts of meat they don’t understand how that’s possible. When people learn that they can set up their BBQ for ‘indirect cooking’ they can suddenly do amazing things, that had never before been possible.


Ben and Dan

Indirect cooking can be somewhat of a mystery to some people but in truth, when your BBQ is set up correctly, you can pretty much cook anything in your BBQ that you would cook in your oven.

For this week’s tips, we are going to be taking a closer look at setting up your BBQ for indirect cooking and sharing some tips on cooking lots of different things.

A huge thank you to Ben and Dan for helping out with 30 Days to Better BBQ, make sure you check them out on all the links above and I highly recommend the United Q podcast if you are looking for BBQ inspiration!


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