Making your own rubs

Tip #11 – Making your own Rubs and Sauces – 30 Days to Better BBQ

Today we have a great tip by Jackie Weight from about experimenting with different rubs and sauces. Rubs are a great way to add different levels of flavour to your food and sauces can be brushed onto your meat to finish it off or simply served on the side as a dipping sauce.

Jackie’s rise to fame culminated in winning the Jack Daniels Invitational BBQ Championship in 2004 and to this day she remains the only non-American and the only woman to have ever won the prestigious title.

Jackie runs a successful restaurant consultancy business and also passes on her wealth of knowledge to the public through her BBQ workshops, where beginners can go learn the fundamentals of BBQ or competition teams can attend specialised classes to learn from the Grand Champion herself.

I highly suggest you head over to and read more about Jackie and her journey in BBQ. You can follow her on Twitter @MadCowsBBQ or on Facebook 


Rubs and Sauces

Experiment with Rubs … try making your own, start with a base of one third salt to two thirds brown sugar and then add your own combination of spices and herbs.  If you don’t want to make your own, there are lots of great Rubs available to buy, but don’t just use one.  Try using two or three, layered on top of each other (in smaller quantities), this will create a layered flavour which if done right will excite the palate.

Do the same with sauces, try making your own or try mixing store bought ones together, for example a mild sauce mixed with a hot sauce can give you a great balance of flavour which everyone will hopefully love!  

Finally, if you decide to create your own Rubs or sauces, don’t forget to write the ingredients down as you go along (including final adjustments) … there’s nothing worse than creating your favourite flavour, forgetting what was in it and losing it forever!


Cracking advice from one of the true legends of UK BBQ. Experimentation is key with rubs and sauces. Make them in small batches until you nail down the flavour profile you like then scale it up once you are happy. Think of a catchy name for it and you have your own secret recipe!!

A massive thank you to Jackie for helping out with 30 Days to Better BBQ and for providing such a helpful tip. Remember to check out to find out more about Jackie and her BBQ workshops.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a few tips on the different ways to use rubs and sauces and we’ll be adding another prize to the giveaway so be sure to sign up below to get all the details you need to win.


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