THÜROS Tabletop Smoker Review

You may be familiar with the THÜROS name from their incredible tabletop grill and other high grade stainless steel BBQ’s but today I want to take a look at another product from their tabletop range. The THÜROS Tabletop Smoker is a high quality, stainless steel cabinet smoker suitable for hot and cold smoking. It’s smaller size gives the perfect balance between form and function as it is easy to store but provides plenty of room for your favourite smoked foods.


So let’s take a look at the features of the THÜROS Tabletop Smoker and why this little unit caters for beginners and enthusiasts alike!


Who are THÜROS ?


Founded in 1992 in Germany by the Schneider family, THÜROS focused on manufacturing high quality products with two important factors in mind – Function and Durability. They have taken special consideration to every component of their products and by making them of high quality stainless steel, they are built to survive the extreme German winters – so you can be sure they will survive through all seasons in the UK.


THÜROS Tabletop Smoker Features


The Tabletop Smoker is suitable for hot and cold smoking and provides everything you need to get started. There is a charcoal tray at the bottom of the unit that can be removed for easy cleaning and re-filling. There is a removable ventilation grid that is placed inside the charcoal tray and airflow is controlled by a sliding vent at the front of the unit.

Thuros Tabletop Smoker Review - Front Air Vent

Just above the charcoal tray, there is another tray which can be used as a heat deflector for hot smoking or can hold wood dust for cold smoking.

Thuros Table Top Smoker Review - Dust Tray

The cabinet has two cooking levels comprising of two stainless steel cooking grates which can be removed for easy cleaning. At the very top of cabinet there is a line of hooks which can be used to hang sausage or other meats when smoking.

Thuros Tabletop Smoker Review - Stainless Steel Grates

The thermometer on the door allows you to monitor the ambient temperature inside the cabinet. A second air vent is located on the side of the cabinet and is controlled with a rotating disc.

Thuros Tabletop Smoker Review - Top Vent

If building flat pack furniture fills you with dread, you will be glad to know that the THÜROS Tabletop Smoker couldn’t be easier to put together. I’ve made a short video showing how to put the smoker together in real time.



The Science bit!


The THÜROS Table Top Smoker is manufactured from V2A Stainless steel. This high quality stainless steel is used in high end catering equipment as it is heat resistant up to 600°C, is non-reactive to steam, water and food acids and is non magnetic. With a chromium content of 18% it is well above the 13% chromium content required for rust proof stainless steel making durability a factor you will not have to worry about.

Thuros Tabletop Smoker Review - Build Quality

Whilst THÜROS also manufacture larger cabinet smokers, a key feature of the Tabletop Smoker is it’s small size. The cabinet is 45cm high x 30cm wide x 19cm deep. When I first showed it to one of my BBQ buddies he said it looked very small. Don’t get me wrong, You aren’t going to smoke a couple of briskets in it but that isn’t what it’s designed for. 


The tabletop smoker is perfect for those smoking smaller items. My first cook in the cabinet was four homemade steak burgers and 4 large bacon onion rings and they fitted perfectly. As the THÜROS requires very little charcoal to hold a steady temperature it makes more sense to use it instead of firing up a larger smoker for a few items.


Is there a downside to the THÜROS Tabletop Smoker?


I’ve only found one flaw with the THÜROS Tabletop Smoker and that is the door thermometer. It can sometimes be a little temperamental and give you inaccurate readings. With most hood thermometers on a smoker / BBQ there is always a difference between grill level temp and hood reading so it’s not a deal breaker by any means, however some readings taken with my iGrill probe through the side vent were reading around 20-30 degrees higher than the door thermometer.


One other little feature I think would be nice is a grommet to allow a wired probe to be placed inside the cabinet.


Hot and Cold Smoking in the THÜROS Tabletop Smoker


As I mentioned above, The tabletop smoker is great for smoking smaller items but it is surprising how much you can fit into it. On my first attempt at hot smoking I over estimated how much charcoal it would take to bring the smoker up to temperature. It only takes around ⅔ of my Weber portable chimney starter to bring it up to around 130-140°C and keep it there for just over 2 hours.


One little tip I would give is to make sure your charcoal isn’t sitting tight to the front vents as it will restrict the airflow. I’ve also found that by placing the heat deflector tray towards the front of the unit, it helps to draw air through the charcoal and up the back of the cabinet.


As with any smoker or BBQ, it will take a little time to learn how much fuel to use and the best setup for the vents.


I’ve put together a quick video of the THÜROS Tabletop Smoker in action, smoking some of my families favourite Hog and Haggis Sausages.



The tabletop smoker also features a hook rack that can be used for hanging sausage or other meat. As a keen sausage maker I will be trying this out soon. It’s a nice little addition to have in a cabinet smoker and shows that THÜROS have tried to cater for every possible use.

Thuros Tabletop Smoker Review - Hanging Rack

I’ve yet to try cold smoking in the cabinet but I will have future videos and articles to show how you would set up the cabinet for each method. The heat deflector tray also doubles up as a smoking dust tray which can be filled and placed in the bottom of the cabinet.


Final Thoughts


If you’ve read this far, I’m sure you can tell that I’m really impressed with this little smoker. The build quality is second to none and at a price point of £159.99 it’s an affordable addition to any BBQ enthusiasts arsenal!


If you are a beginner looking to learn how to hot and cold smoke, or an experienced smoker, then the THÜROS Tabletop smoker is perfect for both experience levels.


It’s compact size makes it very economical to run compared to larger smokers so it’s perfect for smoking small amounts of food.


Buying options


The THÜROS Tabletop Smoker is available direct from THÜROS UK via Amazon. It retails at £159.99 and includes free shipping across the UK. Delivery is fast so you shouldn’t need to spend days sitting by the window watching for the delivery van!


Click here to visit the THÜROS Amazon Store


The tabletop smoker is covered by a 25 year guarantee giving you peace of mind that it is built to last.
I hope you found this review helpful and I will be happy to answer any queries or questions you might have in the comments below. I will be releasing more videos and articles showing how to use the THÜROS Tabletop smoker and some of the different accessories you can buy for it.

You can find out more about the range of THÜROS products at The main website is still under construction but you can find details of the company and their exciting T-line


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