Chicken Involtini – THUROS Tabletop Smoker

Chicken Involtini

Chicken Involtini has been a favourite in our house for a long time. I have made them with a few different fillings but sometimes the most simple ones work best so today I am simply using some fresh Basil leaves and some finely grated apple smoked cheddar.



3x Large Boneless Chicken Breasts

1x Bunch of fresh Basil

50 grams Apple Smoked Cheddar, Finely Grated

3 slices of Prosciutto



Place each Chicken breast between a sheet of baking paper and use a rolling pin to flatten it out. The baking paper will avoid the chicken sticking to your cutting board and help hold it together. The chicken should be an even thickness and roughly doubled in size when you are finished.

Remove the chicken from the baking paper and place them on a chopping board. Square up the edges of your chicken so that it is in a rough rectangular shape – this will make it easier to roll.

Add the fresh Basil leaves and grated cheddar over the surface of the chicken then roll them up as tightly as possible.

Finally, wrap a slice of Prosciutto around each chicken breast to hold them all together.

I made these Involtini in my THUROS Tabletop Smoker, set to a temperature of around 130C. If you are cooking these on a regular grill, you will want to use the indirect method at the same temperature. I added some Cherry wood chips to the smoker from Smokewood Shack as they give the Prosciutto a great colour and I love the flavour of fruit woods with Chicken.

Smoke the chicken until it reaches an internal temperature of 75C. In the THUROS, it took around an hour to hit this internal temperature.

I served these with a Risotto al Verde but you could also try a pasta dish with them. You can change up the fillings to suit your taste. I’ve made them with Spinach and Blue Cheese before and they were just as awesome!

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Tip 26 – Varieties of Smoking Wood – 30 Days to Better BBQ

Cherry Wood

Today we are going to take a look at some of the varieties of wood used for smoking and the different flavours they can add to your food. As with any ingredient you use in your cooking, each different variety of wood works better with some meats than others and will give you a different flavour and colour.

Fruit woods such as Apple, Cherry and Pear are some of the milder flavours out there and are a great place to start. The flavour isn’t too intense and has a slight sweetness to it. For some, the flavour of strong smoke can be a little overpowering so these milder woods will give you a great flavour and colour whilst letting the meat come through.

Oak would be considered a medium strength smoking wood and ideal for those who really like to taste the smoke on their food.


Whilst most hardwoods are suitable for smoking, there are some woods you should avoid as they can be harmful. These woods are Redwood, Pine, Fir, Elm, Liquid Amber, Cypress, Spruce, Sycamore and Cedar. You should also avoid any wood that has been treated with any kind of preservative.


Blending different varieties of wood

It is a great idea to play around with blending different varieties of wood that have different flavours to achieve an overall flavour profile. Blending fruit woods like apple, cherry or pear which give a slightly sweeter smoke with something like beech, oak or hickory can give you a great flavour on your meat.

This is also a great way to intensify the smoke flavour on your food. If you like the flavour of a fruit wood but would like a slightly stronger smoke flavour then rather than adding more wood, try blending a different wood in with the fruit wood to get the best of both worlds.

I have put together a wood smoking chart with some of the more common wood varieties, their strength of flavour and what meat they work well with. This is not an exclusive list and there are other varieties that work well but these will give you a nice mix to get started with


Click here to download the wood smoking chart


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