Sweet and Sticky BBQ Beans

I’m always looking for new sides to make when we have the entire family around and these sweet and sticky BBQ beans from the Weber American BBQ Book are sure to be included in every family get together from now on. One of the nice things about these beans is that they can be placed in the smoker while you are smoking other meats.

I fried off the sliced bacon in a little oil until it was crispy, then removed it from the pan and left it to cool. The finely diced onion was then added to the bacon drippings to saute until they are soft and translucent. lastly, the garlic is added to the onions for a few minutes.

The main base for the sauce is regular tomato ketchup and a chilli ketchup. To this, you add black treacle, light brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, cider vinegar and Tabasco. Also add the onions and garlic at this point. The recipe calls for spicy brown mustard which I substituted for wholegrain mustard. The sauce was brought to a simmer before the haricot and pinto beans are added.

The recipe states that the beans should be baked at around 170C for 35-45 minutes in an indirect heat but as I already had my WSM fired up, I smoked them at a lower temp of around 130C for around 1 hour. I used Cherry wood to smoke them for the first 30 minutes or so.

Once the beans had thickened nicely, I lifted them off and sprinkled in the crispy bacon to finish.

These went down a storm with the kids so they are sure to become a regular side dish at our family BBQ’s. As I was trying them for the first time, I halved the recipe which made more than enough for 5-6 people but now that I know they are so good, I’ll definitely make the full recipe next time.

This is the one of the first recipes I’ve made from the Weber American BBQ Book but there are so many that look good. If you want to check it out for yourself, you can get it on Amazon here.

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