Roast Beef Picanha with Honey & Garlic Carrots


1 Beef Picanha (Rump Cap)

Gaucho Steak Seasoning (A&O)

4-5 large carrots, peeled
100g Butter
2 Garlic cloves, chopped
2 tbsp Honey
Salt & Pepper
1 tbsp Chopped Parsley

Served with grilled tenderstem broccoli, Asparagus and hassleback sweet potatoes

Cook Notes

BBQ Used: Kamado Joe Classic II
Cooking Method: Direct / Indirect
Fuel used: Kamado Joe Big Block Lumpwood Charcoal
Cooking Temperature: 180C
Other Equipment: Skillet


  1. Fire up your BBQ for 2 zone cooking, banking your charcoal to one side of the charcoal grate giving you an area of direct and indirect heat. Aim for a temperature of 180-200C.

  2. When the Picanha is cooked, it will be sliced against the grain. To help you know what way the grain is running when the roast is cooked, score the fat cap in the direction of the grain. This will also help to render down the fat during the cook.

  3. Slip the Picanha over and add a little oil to the meat of the roast. This will help the seasonings stick to the meat. Season the meat with the Gaucho steak seasoning from Angus & Oink (or any other steak seasoning of your choice) but do not apply seasoning to the fat cap.

  4. Sear the Picanha, fat cap down, for 3-4 minutes directly over the coals. As the fat starts to render and drip onto the coals – there will be flames so make sure you keep your lid down as much as possible. Flip the Picanha over and sear the meat side for a further 3-4 minutes before moving it to the indirect side where it will finish cooking.

  5. At this point, if your are serving this with hassleback potatoes, you can slice, season and add your potatoes to the indirect area of your grill. Close the lid and allow everything to roast while you prepare the carrots.

  6. Wash and peel your carrots then cut them into chunks ready to go onto the BBQ. They only take about 20-30 minutes to cook so we will start them when we lift the picanha off to rest.

  7. When the Picanha reaches an internal temperature of 55-60C, remove it from the grill and wrap it tightly in foil. Place it in a tray and set it to the side to rest while you roast your carrots.

  8. Pre-heat a small skillet on your BBQ then add the butter. When it has melted and starts to bubble, add the garlic and honey then mix it all together. Allow the garlic to cook for a few minutes before adding the carrots, tossing them to coat them in the butter / honey mixture. Season them with salt and pepper then leave them in the area of indirect heat to roast for 20-30 minutes.

  9. When the carrots have become tender and the outside is golden and sticky, you are ready to serve. Remove the Picanha from the foil and carve it against the grain into thick slices. Plate it up with your hasslebacks, veg and the Honey & Garlic carrots, spooning a little bit of the pan juices over the carrots on the plate.