Here are some great BBQ websites and blogs packed full of inspiration and advice. If you’ve found a resource online, on YouTube or someone is killing it on Twitter or Facebook, let me know about it and I will post it on the page below so everyone else can benefit from it.


Blogs and Websites

Love 2 BBQ

If you’ve read my about page you will know the UK BBQ scene is going from strength to strength and Phil over at is pushing it in the right direction. He has posted such a variety of recipes that prove you can cook anything on your grill. Be sure to check out his recipe for Goat, Apricot and Pomegranate Burgers which were inspired by #goatober in the UK. There are also some great articles and reviews to keep you on the right track. You can follow Phil on Twitter and Instagram.


Marcus Bawdon

Obviously Marcus isn’t a website but he is one of the biggest celebrities on the UK BBQ Scene.  His main website is Country Wood Smoke and it is packed with recipes and advice for every level of BBQ enthusiast. It won’t take long before his passion for outdoor cooking rubs off on you. Marcus also runs UK BBQ where he shares inspiration from the UK BBQ community and UK BBQ Review where he reviews everything BBQ related (and I mean everything). You couldn’t talk to a nicer guy and someone who is starting out can learn a lot from him.


BBQ Barons –

Tom and Gareth aka The BBQ Barons are a UK based competition BBQ team.The guys have competed in KCBS and IBQN competitions along with two appearances at Grillstock.  They share their recipes and advice on their blog and spread the word about barbecuing all year round.



Dreaming of the Good Life –

Kelly and her family  live in Scotland and are on a quest for the good life by being self sufficient. You won’t have to go too far on her website before you realise that smoking and BBQ is a big part of her life. Her stunning photography  and mouth watering recipes will inspire you to make it a big part of yours.



Kung Fu BBQ –

Nathan uses his website to journal his BBQ journey, recording notes on all his cooks and sharing what worked and what didn’t. By the looks of his photo’s, it seems to work more often than not.



Butter Wouldn't Melt

Butter wouldn’t melt

Jamie Gibson is a professional Rugby player, Husband, Father and cooking fanatic. He shares his love for outdoor and indoor cooking with some of the most stunning photography you will see on a food blog. His recipes range from simple, tasty burgers to dirty seared prime rib



Magazines & e-Magazines


StoryQue Magazine

StoryQue is a monthly digital magazine that makes barbecue fun and easy by sharing creative recipes and tips with those who love to cook outdoors. It helps beginners master amazing barbecue and gives experienced backyarders fresh inspiration every month.




You will not find a magazine with more stunning photography and high quality articles. The team at UK BBQ Mag are pushing the UK barbecue scene to new heights by inspiring everyone to cook outdoors, Hail rain or shine! The magazine is released quarterly and you can download your free copy by visiting the website above.




UUnited Q Logonited Q Podcast

Ben and Dan host the UK’s only BBQ podcast. They interview some of the biggest names in BBQ, Chat about their own cooks and share some general BBQ Banter! Make sure you check out their book Ben & Dan’s Alfresco Christmas for some advice on creating a Christmas Feast!


BBQ Gear

Angus & Oink

Angus & Oink are a UK producer of various BBQ goodies including Rubs, Sauces, Beer and Sausage. Based in Aberdeen, Scotland they have taken the UK BBQ by storm with their killer flavours. You can visit their website to find out more about their products and to see how it all began with the Rampant Angus Habanero Ketchup.