The main drive for my website is to spread the word about the variety of things you can cook on your BBQ. By giving beginners some basic skills and explaining the principles behind BBQ, they are opened up to a new world of possibilities. This section of the website has articles and how-to’s to help get you started.

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30 Days to Better BBQ

During June 2017, I put together a series of 30 articles in 30 days to help you improve your BBQ. The series included tips from some of the most well known faces in the UK BBQ Community. Click the image above to read all 30 articles.

cooking methods

Different ways to cook on your BBQ

This short series will show you the different ways to set up your BBQ for different heat zones. Learn about Direct, Indirect and Low & Slow cooking. Click the image above to read the articles


Smoking on your BBQ

This 3 part series of articles takes a closer look at smoking on your charcoal and gas BBQ as well as dedicated smokers. Click the image above to read all three articles.