I’ve put together the resource pages below to help you learn the basics of how to BBQ. Over time, I’ll add different skills and techniques to turn this into a one stop shop for all there is to know about cooking outdoors

Different ways to cook on your BBQ

Learn about the different ways to setup your BBQ for direct, indirect and low and slow cooking.

Monitoring and Controlling the temperature of your BBQ

Understand the importance of monitoring your grills temperature and how to control it

learn how to BBQ

Choosing the right fuel for your BBQ and the best way to light it

Fuel choice is critical, so in this section we look at the different fuel types and the best way to light them

Smoking on any style of BBQ

Smoke adds an incredible flavour to your food, so lets look at the different varieties of wood, the difference between dust, chips and chunks – plus some advice on smoking on the BBQ you already own

cast iron care

Caring for your cast iron cookware

Cast iron and BBQ is a match made in heaven but cast iron needs to be looked after to keep it good condition