iGrill 2 Review – The Wireless Bluetooth Temperature Probe by Weber

The iGrill range is a new addition to the Weber product line in 2017. The iGrill 2 wireless Bluetooth temperature probe allows you to monitor your meat and grill temperatures from the comfort of your house making it easy to track your temperatures during long cooks.


A couple of months ago I got my hands on the iGrill 2 and I’ve been putting it through it’s paces to see if it lives up to all the hype. Webers previous attempts at wireless thermometers were lackluster to say the least but the iGrill ranges looks set to change all that.


Today we are looking at the iGrill 2 however there are two other models in the range. The iGrill mini is a single probe bluetooth thermometer designed as an entry level probe. It still has all the same bluetooth capabilities but there are no options to add more probes. The iGrill 3 has been specifically designed for the New Weber Genesis range. The iGrill 3 permanently mounts to the side shelf of the Genesis and is powered by the BBQ’s battery chamber. In the Genesis LX series, it has the additional feature of controlling the BBQ’s control lights. Not really an essential feature but I will talk a little more about why it might be important later in the article.

iGrill 2 Box


So let’s jump in and do a quick run down of the iGrill 2 features.




Bluetooth Connectivity


The iGrill 2 features an LED display to show the temperature readouts from each probe but the real magic is with the companion app. By connecting your iGrill to your phone or tablet via bluetooth, you open up a number of different features.


Each probe is colour coded so you can rename them, track their temperature in graph format and set alarms for each probe to alert you when your meat is ready or if your BBQ strays outside a  certain temperature range.


The bluetooth range is stated as 150ft (direct line of sight) so it should be enough to reach from most people’s gardens to their houses.


Temperature probes

iGrill 2 Temperature Probe in wrap

The iGrill 2 is shipped with 2x wired meat probes but has the capacity to hold up to 4. One of the biggest issues with Webers previous wireless temperature probes was the temperature range but the iGrill has a range of -50C to 380C which is more than enough for everyday BBQ! Two probe wraps are also included to help store the probes and prevent damage.


Each temperature probe has a colour coded sleeve. In the app, you can set the colour for each probe allowing you to differentiate between them easily. On the box, the probes are stated as meat probes and whilst you can purchase a separate ambient temperature probe, I generally use one to monitor meat temperature and the second to monitor grill temperature.

iGrill 2 Probe Connections

Additional probes can be purchased in packs of two and these come with different coloured sleeves and a probe wrap for each probe.


The iGrill 2 Unit


The unit itself is a relatively simple construction. The main unit features an LED display to quickly monitor the temperature of each probe. There is a power button and two arrow controls to allow you to scroll the display between each probe.


The unit sits in a magnetic base which will attached to any metal surface. The base isn’t heat resistant so please don’t try to stick it to the hood of your BBQ while it is lit! There is an optional self-adhesive magnetic disc in the box with can be stuck to any other surface allowing the magnetic base to be attached to it.


The App


iGrill 2 AppThe main functionality of the iGrill 2 is in the app which is available to download from the Apple and Google play app store. When connected to the iGrill, the app will track the temperature of each probe creating a graph to show the change in temperature over time. You can change the in-app colour of each probe to match the corresponding probe attached to the iGrill and also name them. This avoids you having to remember which probe is in the pork butt and which is in the brisket!


You can also set minimum and maximum temperatures for each probe so you will be alerted if the temperature goes outside that range. There are presets for different kinds of meat which will alert you when the desired internal temperature has been reached or you have the option to set a custom temperature.

iGrill 2 Graph Readout



The app also includes a globe feature which allows you to see other iGrill users around the world and have a look at what they are cooking they have chosen to share it. It’s a novelty feature but some users might find it interesting.

The good, the bad and the ugly!


First of all, as with most Weber products, there is nothing ugly about the iGrill 2 so let’s move on to the good and bad points.


I’ve only found two issues with the iGrill whilst using it. It is advertised to have a bluetooth range of 150ft direct line of sight however if you put a wall between you and the iGrill, that range is dramatically reduced. When I have the iGrill setup in my backyard and come inside the house, I will lose connection if I stray and further than about 30-40ft away.


Obviously this will be different for every user depending on how big your backyard is, thickness of walls etc. The range is enough to allow me to link up my iPad and keep it in the kitchen so I’m more than happy with that. It would have been nice to see the unit connect via WIFI rather than Bluetooth.


My second issue is that the unit is not waterproof rated. At a minimum I feel it should be rain resistant as it is going to spend a lot of time hanging out beside your BBQ! Talking to the guys from Weber, they have used their iGrill’s in the rain and haven’t encountered any problems. I’ve also left mine out before in a rain shower and didn’t have any issues however it would be nice to have the peace of mind that the unit had been tested and rated for such use.

iGrill 2 Meat Probe

Putting these two small issues to one side, the iGrill 2 works really well. The accuracy of the probes, when tested against my Thermapen, is spot on. It has a 200 hour battery life and the features within the app are easy to use. I’ve had a couple of long cooks with it and it has made life a lot easier. When your phone or tablet is within range, the bluetooth connection is very stable. It has never dropped connection and pairing the iGrill 2 to your device is simple.


Final thoughts


The RRP of the iGrill 2 is £99.99 so it isn’t the cheapest bluetooth thermometer on the market but it’s list of features and capability to hold up to four probes makes it a great all round probe for many styles of BBQ. It would have been nice to see the unit feature wifi connectivity but this may be something Weber look at in the future.


Remember I mentioned the iGrill 3 has a function to turn on the control lights of your Genesis LX? Whilst this feature is not much more than a gimmick, it shows precedence for other features. The guys from Weber have told me their R&D department are hard at work testing out new features that will allow other functions on the grill to be controlled remotely. No further details on what these might be but I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with!
You may be tempted to save a few bob and go for the iGrill mini but over time, not being able to add additional probes would have you spending more money on a second probe or upgrading. The two probes shipped with the iGrill 2 give you the ability to monitor food and grill temps and when the day comes that you need to cook for the masses, you can add the extra probes needed.


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