Char-Broil ‘Big Easy’ Review

CharBroil Big Easy

The good folks at CharBroil UK sent me out their Charbroil Big Easy Cooker to have a play with so I have been putting it through it’s paces over the last couple of weeks so I can let you know what I think. We’ll take a look at what kind of cooker the big easy is, some of the features it includes and then we’ll get down to what I have thought so far.

The Big Easy is sold as a smoker, roaster and grill – kind of a Swiss army cooker! The heat source is provided by a single, circular gas tube burner which runs around the bottom of the cooking chamber. This is adjusted using a single control knob on the front of the cooker. There is an inner skin that fit’s inside the main cooking chamber which provides a baffle from the direct heat of the burner.


CharBroil Big Easy

Using the CharBroil Big Easy as a Roaster

There are no shelves inside the cooking chamber. Instead, you are provided with a basket insert which holds the food. This includes a removable shelf allowing you to add an extra cooking level. You are also provided with a hook to help you remove the basket from the cooker when it is hot. You are also supplied with rib hooks to allow you to hang ribs from the sides of the basket.

You also get a leave in meat probe in the box to use when you are roasting large cuts of meat.

CharBroil Big Easy


Using the CharBroil Big Easy as a Grill

The Big Easy can be used as a grill by using the grill grate on top of the cooker. The grill grate features CharBroil’s TRU-Infrared system. This system replaces the gaps in the cooking grate with small holes which reduce the airflow through them and distribute the heat evenly across the entire cooking surface. I have to admit, when I first saw this I thought it was a gimmick and I had my reservations about how effective the big easy would be as a grill. There is quite a distance between the burner at the bottom of the cooker and the grill grates on top, so I didn’t think it would get hot enough, especially with no direct heat.

I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised. The grates get screaming hot, pushing well over 300 degrees C at grill level. That’s hot enough to get a good sear on anything!

CharBroil Big Easy


Using the CharBroil Big Easy as a Smoker

Adding smoke to the Big Easy is also a simple task, with the built in smoker box. This is placed directly above the gas burner and can be accessed from the side of the cooker. While you are pre-heating the cooker, add in your dry wood chips and by the time it has come up to temperature, the chips will have started to smoke. You can remove the smoker box and add more chips throughout the cook if you want to.

CharBroil Big Easy


Pro’s and Con’s of the CharBroil Big Easy

As with most gas BBQ’s, it is easy to adjust and maintain a steady temperature with the Big Easy by simply finding the correct setting on the control knob and letting it do it’s thing. If you are a complete beginner, this takes all the stress out of finding the ideal temperature by managing a coal fire.

The built in smoker box works well and it takes very little time to get the smoke rolling. I would recommend using dry wood chips. Although they will burn away faster, it is easy to top up the chips during a cook, unlike some gas BBQ’s which have the smoker box located under the cooking grates.

The Big Easy works great as a grill and it is the perfect size if you are cooking a small amount of food.

The cooker is also compact enough that you can store it easily but with the extra shelf in the basket, you can still cook plenty of food. The cooking chamber can easily hold large cuts of meat and the removable basket makes it simple to get food in and out of the cooker.

There are a few issues with the Big Easy…

The first thing I noticed about it was the lack of a built in thermometer on the hood or side of the unit. For a BBQ designed to smoke, roast and grill, I thought this would have been an essential feature as monitoring and controlling your temperature is key to cooking great BBQ. I resorted to using a wired probe to monitor the temperature inside the cooking chamber, otherwise I would have been cooking blind.

The biggest issue of all is the temperature range. With the burner on it’s lowest setting (and I was using it on a cold 8 degrees C Novembers day), I struggled to keep the temperature below 180-190 degrees C. This isn’t an issue when it comes to roasting or grilling however it is much too high to cook any kind of low and slow BBQ, where 110-120C is the optimum temperature. I think this is mainly due to the burner only having a single control. If it was possible to control the burner in two independent halves, it would make these lower temperatures easier to achieve.

As with most BBQ’s, there are some cold spot issues that you will need to get used to. They are by no means a deal breaker, but you will need to rotate the basket every so often to help your food cook evenly. The cold spot on the Big Easy seems to be just behind the control panel, where there is a small gap in the burner but this is easily overcome by rotating the basket by 90 degrees every so often.

My final thoughts on the CharBroil Big Easy

The Charbroil Big Easy would make a great first BBQ for a beginner as it’s simple to control and add some wood smoke flavour to your food. It’s higher temperature range makes it unsuitable for low and slow cooks but for someone who is just starting out with roasting on their BBQ, it makes things simple. The ability to easily convert it over to a grill and it’s low price point of £299 makes it a good all rounder for beginners.

For those that already have a charcoal smoker or regular gas grill, this probably isn’t going to replace it as it doesn’t provide any new functionality compared to the other grill.

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have on the CharBroil Big Easy, so feel free to leave them in the comments section below. You can find out more about the CharBroil Big Easy and where to buy it on the CharBroil Website.


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InkBird IBT-2X Bluetooth Thermometer Review

Inkbird IBT-2X Thermometer

One of the most common questions I see asked by beginners is which thermometer should they buy so I’m always interested to try out new ones. The Inkbird IBT-2X popped up on my radar as it got my attention because of it’s list of features and low price. On the surface, it seem’s to offer all the features of the Weber iGrill 2 but at a fraction of the cost. This usually sets alarm bells ringing in my mind so I was happy to get one to review for you guys.

In this review, I want to look at some of the key features of the Inkbird and figure out if the low price comes at the expense of usability or functionality.


The Inkbird IBT-2X Unit

Inkbird IBT-2X Display

Straight out of the box, you notice that the main unit of the Inkbird is an entirely plastic construction and it feels lightweight. The unit is simple, with an LED display and one single button that acts as an on/off button when pressed and held but it also allows you to switch between the two probes that come with the thermometer.

On the side of the unit, there are two thermometer inputs. The unit is powered with 2x AAA batteries which are not included in the box.

Inkbird IBT-2X Inputs

I couldn’t find any reference to the units waterproof rating however looking at the construction, I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving it in the rain as the seal around the screen does not seem water tight.

The unit is designed to connect to your phone or tablet via bluetooth. On the eBay sales page, it states the bluetooth range as 100M however on the box it is only stated as 50M. Bluetooth connectivity can be dodgy at the best of times to I am more likely to believe that 50M is the true connectivity rating and even this would be direct line of sight with no walls / objects in the way.

The Probes

There are two stainless steel temperature probes included in the box that are designed to double up as food and pit probes. The temperature range of the unit is 0-250C (32-482F) which is sufficient for most uses. The probes are calibrated to within +-1C and when tested against my Thermapen, they were accurate. There is also a probe clip in the box however this isn’t designed for the grill grates of your BBQ. It is designed to clip onto the side of a pot or tray which I assume is to monitor the temperature of a liquid. As the Inkbird is being aimed at a BBQ market, it would have been nice to include a grill clip with it.

Inkbird IBT-2X Probes

The probes are noticeably longer than the probes included with the iGrill, however they do not come with colour coded sleeves allowing you to differentiate between the two probes.

The App

As with all these types of thermometer, the real functionality is built into the companion app that you use on your phone. The ‘BBQ Go’ app connects to the device and allows you to change the settings and setup your cook. You can change the unit between C/F from the app and it also has a range of presets for different foods or grill setups. You can also create your own presets and alarms to notify you when your food has hit a desired temperature, or when you BBQ temperature has risen or fallen out of a desired range.



The app is simple and easy to use and can display both a numeric temperature readout or a timeline graph. One little feature I like is the battery display that will let you know if your main unit is running low on power. At present, there is no such readout on the iGrill App.


My Thoughts

I’ve been using the Inkbird for a few weeks now and I can honestly say that I haven’t found any major issues. The connectivity range is a little better than the iGrill (in my backyard / house anyway) and it has all the features you need to manage a cook.

My only concern is the build quality of the unit and how durable it would be over a long period of time. The unit has a 12 month warranty from the manufacturer which should cover you for any early issues. When I look at the overall product, I keep coming back to the price.

If you are just at the beginning of your BBQ journey, this sub £30 probe has everything you need. If it only lasts 12-18 months due to the build quality, you can replace it two times before you have reached the price of an iGrill 2. It ticks all the boxes of an entry level probe and allows beginners to start without having to shell out a huge amount of money.


The Inkbird IBT-2X is available on the companies eBay page for around £26 and includes free shipping.


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iGrill 2 Review – The Wireless Bluetooth Temperature Probe by Weber

iGrill 2 Wireless Bluetooth Temperature Probe

The iGrill range is a new addition to the Weber product line in 2017. The iGrill 2 wireless Bluetooth temperature probe allows you to monitor your meat and grill temperatures from the comfort of your house making it easy to track your temperatures during long cooks.


A couple of months ago I got my hands on the iGrill 2 and I’ve been putting it through it’s paces to see if it lives up to all the hype. Webers previous attempts at wireless thermometers were lackluster to say the least but the iGrill ranges looks set to change all that.


Today we are looking at the iGrill 2 however there are two other models in the range. The iGrill mini is a single probe bluetooth thermometer designed as an entry level probe. It still has all the same bluetooth capabilities but there are no options to add more probes. The iGrill 3 has been specifically designed for the New Weber Genesis range. The iGrill 3 permanently mounts to the side shelf of the Genesis and is powered by the BBQ’s battery chamber. In the Genesis LX series, it has the additional feature of controlling the BBQ’s control lights. Not really an essential feature but I will talk a little more about why it might be important later in the article.

iGrill 2 Box


So let’s jump in and do a quick run down of the iGrill 2 features.




Bluetooth Connectivity


The iGrill 2 features an LED display to show the temperature readouts from each probe but the real magic is with the companion app. By connecting your iGrill to your phone or tablet via bluetooth, you open up a number of different features.


Each probe is colour coded so you can rename them, track their temperature in graph format and set alarms for each probe to alert you when your meat is ready or if your BBQ strays outside a  certain temperature range.


The bluetooth range is stated as 150ft (direct line of sight) so it should be enough to reach from most people’s gardens to their houses.


Temperature probes

iGrill 2 Temperature Probe in wrap

The iGrill 2 is shipped with 2x wired meat probes but has the capacity to hold up to 4. One of the biggest issues with Webers previous wireless temperature probes was the temperature range but the iGrill has a range of -50C to 380C which is more than enough for everyday BBQ! Two probe wraps are also included to help store the probes and prevent damage.


Each temperature probe has a colour coded sleeve. In the app, you can set the colour for each probe allowing you to differentiate between them easily. On the box, the probes are stated as meat probes and whilst you can purchase a separate ambient temperature probe, I generally use one to monitor meat temperature and the second to monitor grill temperature.

iGrill 2 Probe Connections

Additional probes can be purchased in packs of two and these come with different coloured sleeves and a probe wrap for each probe.


The iGrill 2 Unit


The unit itself is a relatively simple construction. The main unit features an LED display to quickly monitor the temperature of each probe. There is a power button and two arrow controls to allow you to scroll the display between each probe.


The unit sits in a magnetic base which will attached to any metal surface. The base isn’t heat resistant so please don’t try to stick it to the hood of your BBQ while it is lit! There is an optional self-adhesive magnetic disc in the box with can be stuck to any other surface allowing the magnetic base to be attached to it.


The App


iGrill 2 AppThe main functionality of the iGrill 2 is in the app which is available to download from the Apple and Google play app store. When connected to the iGrill, the app will track the temperature of each probe creating a graph to show the change in temperature over time. You can change the in-app colour of each probe to match the corresponding probe attached to the iGrill and also name them. This avoids you having to remember which probe is in the pork butt and which is in the brisket!


You can also set minimum and maximum temperatures for each probe so you will be alerted if the temperature goes outside that range. There are presets for different kinds of meat which will alert you when the desired internal temperature has been reached or you have the option to set a custom temperature.

iGrill 2 Graph Readout



The app also includes a globe feature which allows you to see other iGrill users around the world and have a look at what they are cooking they have chosen to share it. It’s a novelty feature but some users might find it interesting.

The good, the bad and the ugly!


First of all, as with most Weber products, there is nothing ugly about the iGrill 2 so let’s move on to the good and bad points.


I’ve only found two issues with the iGrill whilst using it. It is advertised to have a bluetooth range of 150ft direct line of sight however if you put a wall between you and the iGrill, that range is dramatically reduced. When I have the iGrill setup in my backyard and come inside the house, I will lose connection if I stray and further than about 30-40ft away.


Obviously this will be different for every user depending on how big your backyard is, thickness of walls etc. The range is enough to allow me to link up my iPad and keep it in the kitchen so I’m more than happy with that. It would have been nice to see the unit connect via WIFI rather than Bluetooth.


My second issue is that the unit is not waterproof rated. At a minimum I feel it should be rain resistant as it is going to spend a lot of time hanging out beside your BBQ! Talking to the guys from Weber, they have used their iGrill’s in the rain and haven’t encountered any problems. I’ve also left mine out before in a rain shower and didn’t have any issues however it would be nice to have the peace of mind that the unit had been tested and rated for such use.

iGrill 2 Meat Probe

Putting these two small issues to one side, the iGrill 2 works really well. The accuracy of the probes, when tested against my Thermapen, is spot on. It has a 200 hour battery life and the features within the app are easy to use. I’ve had a couple of long cooks with it and it has made life a lot easier. When your phone or tablet is within range, the bluetooth connection is very stable. It has never dropped connection and pairing the iGrill 2 to your device is simple.


Final thoughts


The RRP of the iGrill 2 is £99.99 so it isn’t the cheapest bluetooth thermometer on the market but it’s list of features and capability to hold up to four probes makes it a great all round probe for many styles of BBQ. It would have been nice to see the unit feature wifi connectivity but this may be something Weber look at in the future.


Remember I mentioned the iGrill 3 has a function to turn on the control lights of your Genesis LX? Whilst this feature is not much more than a gimmick, it shows precedence for other features. The guys from Weber have told me their R&D department are hard at work testing out new features that will allow other functions on the grill to be controlled remotely. No further details on what these might be but I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with!
You may be tempted to save a few bob and go for the iGrill mini but over time, not being able to add additional probes would have you spending more money on a second probe or upgrading. The two probes shipped with the iGrill 2 give you the ability to monitor food and grill temps and when the day comes that you need to cook for the masses, you can add the extra probes needed.


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THÜROS Tabletop Smoker Review

Thuros Tabletop Smoker Review

You may be familiar with the THÜROS name from their incredible tabletop grill and other high grade stainless steel BBQ’s but today I want to take a look at another product from their tabletop range. The THÜROS Tabletop Smoker is a high quality, stainless steel cabinet smoker suitable for hot and cold smoking. It’s smaller size gives the perfect balance between form and function as it is easy to store but provides plenty of room for your favourite smoked foods.


So let’s take a look at the features of the THÜROS Tabletop Smoker and why this little unit caters for beginners and enthusiasts alike!


Who are THÜROS ?


Founded in 1992 in Germany by the Schneider family, THÜROS focused on manufacturing high quality products with two important factors in mind – Function and Durability. They have taken special consideration to every component of their products and by making them of high quality stainless steel, they are built to survive the extreme German winters – so you can be sure they will survive through all seasons in the UK.


THÜROS Tabletop Smoker Features


The Tabletop Smoker is suitable for hot and cold smoking and provides everything you need to get started. There is a charcoal tray at the bottom of the unit that can be removed for easy cleaning and re-filling. There is a removable ventilation grid that is placed inside the charcoal tray and airflow is controlled by a sliding vent at the front of the unit.

Thuros Tabletop Smoker Review - Front Air Vent

Just above the charcoal tray, there is another tray which can be used as a heat deflector for hot smoking or can hold wood dust for cold smoking.

Thuros Table Top Smoker Review - Dust Tray

The cabinet has two cooking levels comprising of two stainless steel cooking grates which can be removed for easy cleaning. At the very top of cabinet there is a line of hooks which can be used to hang sausage or other meats when smoking.

Thuros Tabletop Smoker Review - Stainless Steel Grates

The thermometer on the door allows you to monitor the ambient temperature inside the cabinet. A second air vent is located on the side of the cabinet and is controlled with a rotating disc.

Thuros Tabletop Smoker Review - Top Vent

If building flat pack furniture fills you with dread, you will be glad to know that the THÜROS Tabletop Smoker couldn’t be easier to put together. I’ve made a short video showing how to put the smoker together in real time.



The Science bit!


The THÜROS Table Top Smoker is manufactured from V2A Stainless steel. This high quality stainless steel is used in high end catering equipment as it is heat resistant up to 600°C, is non-reactive to steam, water and food acids and is non magnetic. With a chromium content of 18% it is well above the 13% chromium content required for rust proof stainless steel making durability a factor you will not have to worry about.

Thuros Tabletop Smoker Review - Build Quality

Whilst THÜROS also manufacture larger cabinet smokers, a key feature of the Tabletop Smoker is it’s small size. The cabinet is 45cm high x 30cm wide x 19cm deep. When I first showed it to one of my BBQ buddies he said it looked very small. Don’t get me wrong, You aren’t going to smoke a couple of briskets in it but that isn’t what it’s designed for. 


The tabletop smoker is perfect for those smoking smaller items. My first cook in the cabinet was four homemade steak burgers and 4 large bacon onion rings and they fitted perfectly. As the THÜROS requires very little charcoal to hold a steady temperature it makes more sense to use it instead of firing up a larger smoker for a few items.


Is there a downside to the THÜROS Tabletop Smoker?


I’ve only found one flaw with the THÜROS Tabletop Smoker and that is the door thermometer. It can sometimes be a little temperamental and give you inaccurate readings. With most hood thermometers on a smoker / BBQ there is always a difference between grill level temp and hood reading so it’s not a deal breaker by any means, however some readings taken with my iGrill probe through the side vent were reading around 20-30 degrees higher than the door thermometer.


One other little feature I think would be nice is a grommet to allow a wired probe to be placed inside the cabinet.


Hot and Cold Smoking in the THÜROS Tabletop Smoker


As I mentioned above, The tabletop smoker is great for smoking smaller items but it is surprising how much you can fit into it. On my first attempt at hot smoking I over estimated how much charcoal it would take to bring the smoker up to temperature. It only takes around ⅔ of my Weber portable chimney starter to bring it up to around 130-140°C and keep it there for just over 2 hours.


One little tip I would give is to make sure your charcoal isn’t sitting tight to the front vents as it will restrict the airflow. I’ve also found that by placing the heat deflector tray towards the front of the unit, it helps to draw air through the charcoal and up the back of the cabinet.


As with any smoker or BBQ, it will take a little time to learn how much fuel to use and the best setup for the vents.


I’ve put together a quick video of the THÜROS Tabletop Smoker in action, smoking some of my families favourite Hog and Haggis Sausages.



The tabletop smoker also features a hook rack that can be used for hanging sausage or other meat. As a keen sausage maker I will be trying this out soon. It’s a nice little addition to have in a cabinet smoker and shows that THÜROS have tried to cater for every possible use.

Thuros Tabletop Smoker Review - Hanging Rack

I’ve yet to try cold smoking in the cabinet but I will have future videos and articles to show how you would set up the cabinet for each method. The heat deflector tray also doubles up as a smoking dust tray which can be filled and placed in the bottom of the cabinet.


Final Thoughts


If you’ve read this far, I’m sure you can tell that I’m really impressed with this little smoker. The build quality is second to none and at a price point of £159.99 it’s an affordable addition to any BBQ enthusiasts arsenal!


If you are a beginner looking to learn how to hot and cold smoke, or an experienced smoker, then the THÜROS Tabletop smoker is perfect for both experience levels.


It’s compact size makes it very economical to run compared to larger smokers so it’s perfect for smoking small amounts of food.


Buying options


The THÜROS Tabletop Smoker is available direct from THÜROS UK via Amazon. It retails at £159.99 and includes free shipping across the UK. Delivery is fast so you shouldn’t need to spend days sitting by the window watching for the delivery van!


Click here to visit the THÜROS Amazon Store


The tabletop smoker is covered by a 25 year guarantee giving you peace of mind that it is built to last.
I hope you found this review helpful and I will be happy to answer any queries or questions you might have in the comments below. I will be releasing more videos and articles showing how to use the THÜROS Tabletop smoker and some of the different accessories you can buy for it.

You can find out more about the range of THÜROS products at The main website is still under construction but you can find details of the company and their exciting T-line


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Thermapen 4 Review

Thermapen 4 Cover

A good thermometer is an essential tool for any BBQ cook and whilst there are many different types out there, an instant read thermometer is probably the most useful. It gives you that final confirmation that your food is at the perfect internal temperature and ready to come off the grill. The Thermapen 4 is probably the fastest, most accurate instant read thermometer on the market today. It is packed with little features that will make it a big deal in your BBQ tool kit.

Key Features of the Thermapen 4

360° Rotating Screen

Similar to the technology in your smart phone, The Thermapen 4 features a 360° rotating screen that allows you to view it from any angle. No more tilting your head to read the temperature. The Thermapen 4 senses which orientation it is being held in and automatically adjusts the screen to suit. The default setting for this feature is 360° rotation (landscape, portrait, inverted landscape, inverted portrait) however you can adjust this in the settings to allow only 180° rotation (landscape or inverted landscape) or to lock the screen in any of the orientations above.

Thermapen 4 Ambient Light Sensor

Smart Back-light

The Thermapen 4 now features a smart back-light which will sense the ambient light levels and turn on the screen’s back-light accordingly. The back-light will remain on unless no movement is detected for 10 seconds. You can also manually activate the back-light by placing your thumb over the sensor beside the screen. This is a great feature for those night time cooks when an LCD screen can be very hard to read.


Sleep Mode

With the progression of smart phones, we have all become accustomed to nursing a battery through the day and trying to stretch every last percentage from it until we can re-charge again. Luckily, the Thermapen 4 takes care of this for you. It has a built in sensor that will detect when the pen has been put down and automatically turn it off. You can also customise the setting for this feature in the menu to determine how long the Thermapen 4 needs to be stationary for before it turns off. As soon as the Thermapen is picked up again, the screen comes to life and you are good to go again.



Thermapen 4 Waterproof

The Thermapen 4 is now IPP66/67 rated. If you are anything like me, you won’t have a clue what this means so I have done a little research for you.

IPP66 Rating – Able to protect against powerful water jets

IPP67 Rating – Able to protect against immersion up to 1M

So if you leave your thermapen sitting out beside the BBQ and the mother of all rain showers starts, it will be fine. If you drop it out of your pocket into a bucket of brine, it will be fine. Drop it into your bowl of BBQ sauce and need to rinse it off, it will be fine. I think you get the idea.

This is a feature that you will never think about until you have an accident and you’ll be glad it has it.


Technical Specification

Now for the geeky part! Technical information might not get you excited however it will give you some insight into the amount of research and design has gone into the Thermapen 4 to make it the best instant read thermometer out there today.I won’t list all the numbers here, you can find them on the Thermapen 4 website, but I will talk about some of the specs and why they are important.




The Thermapen 4 measures temperature via a micro thermocouple located at the very tip of the probe. A thermocouple is basically a pair of heat sensitive wires that create a voltage when heat is detected. A combination of this thermocouple and the reduced tip size mean you only need to insert the probe to a depth of 3mm to get an accurate reading. This is great for reading internal temperatures on thin cuts of meat like steaks or burgers. Some other instant read thermometers require the probe to be inserted up to 13mm for an accurate reading.

The Thermapen 4 has been calibrated to be accurate to within +-0.4°C with a range of -49.9°C to 299.9°C.



I have already mentioned that the Thermapen 4 is probably the fastest instant read thermometer on the market however I want to explain a little bit about how it works. When meat is probed, the Thermapen 4 will give you a reading that is -0.4°C to +0.4°C of the actual temperature within 3 seconds. After using the Thermapen 4 I have found that it can be as low as 1-2 seconds but 3 seconds is an average reading.

The temperature will not lock in after 3 seconds as the Thermapen continues to narrow down the reading towards the actual temperature. Slight movements in the probe and the changing temperature within the meat can sometimes mean the Thermapen won’t lock a temperature. I’ve found that this is more likely to happen on foods you are cooking hot and fast and a reading within the range of +-0.4°C is more than accurate enough for any cooking I’ve been doing.



The Thermapen 4 is a little bulkier than some other instant read thermometers out there but in my opinion, this is a bonus. I’ve owned thermometers in the past that are a little hard to hold as they are so small and the Thermapen fits perfectly into your hand. It is 50mm x 157mm x 19mm and weighs 120 grams. The LCD screen is 39mm x 25mm making it really easy to read.


Biomaster Casing

The body of the Thermapen 4 is made from ABS Plastic and is designed to be smooth with very few seams. This is to try and avoid the build up of food in these seams that can lead to bacteria. As an extra defence against this, the Thermapen 4 has Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology built into the casings. This means pure silver is mixed with the plastic during the manufacturing process to it can’t wash off. This technology is proven to reduce the growth of bacteria such as MRSA, E.Coli and Salmonella but up to 99.99%. I won’t get into the details of how this works but let’s just say that bacteria and Silver do not get on.


Buying Options

Thermapen 4 Colours

The Thermapen is available to buy directly from the ETI website for a price of £60 and comes with a 2 year guarantee. It is available in 10 different colours (Grey, Pink, Green, Orange, White, Purple, Yellow, Red, Black and Blue) and shipping is FREE throughout the UK.

Each Thermapen comes with a fully traceable Certificate of Calibration.


My Thoughts

The Thermapen 4 is an expensive thermometer compared to most others on the market however most other instant read thermometers don’t compare! I’ve owned a few in the past from cheaper supermarket models to recognised BBQ brands but I don’t think any of them come close to the quality, speed and accuracy of the Thermapen 4.

After using it for a while I can tell that every part of the design has been carefully thought out. My only criticism would be that I would have liked some form of pocket clip on the back of the unit to help hold it in my pocket. ETI sell a leather pouch with a belt loop but I’m not sure if this is the most convenient solution.

Thermapen 4 Quick Start GuideClick Here to buy the Thermapen directly from the ETI website

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