Pork Loin – Herb and Garlic infused

Pork Loin is a beautiful cut of meat and there is no better way to cook it than roasting it on the barbecue. Scoring and brushing the fat with a herb and garlicĀ infused oil will pack the meat full of flavour and help the fat crisp up. Ingredients 2lb Pork Loin (Make sure your butcher … Read morePork Loin – Herb and Garlic infused

Pulled Pork – Apple Smoked

This old American favourite is one of the recipes that has come to epitomise low and slow barbecue. The idea of taking a very tough cut of meat, smoking it for a long time at a low temperature to break down all the fats and connective tissues inside it until the point that it literally … Read morePulled Pork – Apple Smoked

BBQ Yorkshire Puddings

I posted up my recipe for perfect roast beef and I mentioned that a roast dinner wouldn’t be complete without all the trimmings. Sure this includes Potatoes and all the veg but the Yorkshire Puddings are second only to the meat. These little puds are crispy on the out side but chewy in the middle. … Read moreBBQ Yorkshire Puddings

Classic Roast Beef Silverside

In the UK, there is nothing more traditional than a roast dinner on a Sunday. The star of the show can be Chicken, Leg of Lamb, Pork or Beef but any of them must be accompanied by all the trimmings. For this recipe I am going to concentrate on a Classic Silverside Roast Beef. Here’s … Read moreClassic Roast Beef Silverside

Sticky Glazed Chicken

This Sticky glazed Chicken if full of flavour and really packs a punch. For this recipe I am using chicken quarters but you can use chicken breast, legs, wings or a whole chicken and still achieve the same awesome results. Ingredients 1 Large Chicken, quartered Brine 1ltr Boiled water 100g Fine sea salt 150g Dark … Read moreSticky Glazed Chicken