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Smoke Ham with Sweet Mustard Glaze

Other than at Christmas, I never really get a chance to make a Smoked Ham. It’s a joint that my whole family love to eat but for some reason it rarely springs to mind when I’m thinking about what to cook. My better half, Christine, isn’t a lover of overly sweet glazed ham so the […]

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Garlic Bread - Tear and Share

This quick and easy recipe for tear and share garlic bread is the perfect side to go with any pizza or pasta dish. It uses the same pizza dough recipe and technique from my BBQ Pizza recipe so you can simply increase the recipe to have a killer tear and share bread as well.   […]

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Finished Hog and Haggis Sausage Rolls

This is a quick and easy sausage roll recipe for parties or as a nibble when friends or family are over. They can be prepared ahead of time and kept in the fridge until you are ready to cook. The recipe below uses Haggis as part of the filling which may not be readily available. […]

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