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The Barbechoo BBQ Blog is where I share my articles to help you get better at barbecue. I will help you with everything from getting choosing your first grill to taking your backyard barbecue to the next level. My goal is to show you that barbecue isn’t just for sunny summer days, but a year round way of life!

Sliced Brisket

Juicy, smoky brisket is somewhat of a holy grail of low and slow BBQ and for beginners it is probably one of the most attractive cooks. Getting a brisket just right can be difficult as it is such a tough cut of meat and needs to be cooked slowly to allow all the fats and […]

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Chicken on the WSM

Smoking is one of the most popular ways to cook food and I have already talked on the blog about why a good old Weber Kettle is a great way to learn. The array of smokers on the market today can make choosing which one to buy a little tricky when the time comes. In […]

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Brisket Smoking on a Gas BBQ

Many of us own both Gas and Charcoal BBQ’s and whilst smoking is traditionally done using charcoal, it couldn’t be easier to get started smoking on a gas BBQ!   Before we dive into the article, I just want to mention one thing. The old Gas vs Charcoal debate has been going on for quite a few […]

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Smoking on a charcoal BBQ

Smoking on a charcoal BBQ is a great way to get started and learn the basics of smoking. My first attempts at smoking were on my Weber Kettle and with a little practice, you can get great results. I mentioned in the previous introduction to smoking that the most basic form of adding wood smoke […]

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Smoking Wood Chunk on BBQ

We have already looked at the different ways to cook on your BBQ in previous articles however there is another element that can be added to each of these methods and that is smoke! Smoking has really taken off in the UK in recent years and has become something any backyard BBQ’er can do.   […]

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