About Me

Hi, I’m James McKay, creator of Barbechoo.com. I’m a regular guy with a love of outdoor cooking on my Weber barbecues. I live in Northern Ireland with my beautiful wife Christine and my two wonderful daughters Caitlin and Nicole. I work for a family run garden centre group and a massive part of my job is selling Weber barbecues.

Why I started Barbechoo.com

I decided to start this website to encourage people that barbecue is so much more than something you do on a sunny Saturday when you have friends and family over. When we are trying to help our customer choose the right grill for them there are a number of questions we ask but the two most important ones are:

What kind of food do you like to cook on your barbecue?

How often do you currently use your barbecue?

The most common answers are ” Normally just burgers, sausages and steak” and ” Maybe once a week during the summer, if the weathers nice.” These answers would probably make any barbecues enthusiasts blood boil but I get excited because I have the chance to show them a different side to barbecue. After 15-20 minutes chatting and showing them what these grills are capable they may leave with a shiny new grill which is great for the business. However the more important thing for me is that they are leaving with an entirely new perspective on how to use their new grill and they have a fire in their belly to try something different. I always tell them that if they are planning a big cook or want to try something new they can call in and I’ll walk them through it step by step and that support is what makes the barbecue community great. I’ve been involved with other communities who keep their cards very close to their chests, but if you ask a barbecue enthusiast about the best way to cook ribs, you better have at least 30-45 minutes free’d up and a notebook and pen ready! This is exactly how it should be!

My Vision

I want my readers to leave this site with a little bit of that belly fire. The UK is in it’s infancy when it comes to true barbecue. My first ever article in StoryQue Magazine talked about how America has built it’s barbecue traditions over decades of history and those traditions have spread across to the UK. We don’t have our own traditions yet, there is no such thing as a British style Brisket. Our story has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and that is what excites me. By spreading the word about barbecue, we can create the traditions for years to come.

This website is not about me telling you how to barbecue. It’s about building a community of people who are passionate about getting out and doing it, 365 days a year, hail, rain or shine. I want you to get involved as much as you can! Comment with your ideas and thoughts, send me your questions or articles idea and most importantly, share it with that friend who is starting their journey!

I would love you to introduce yourself on Twitter and Facebook and tell me your story. I know you won’t always have the time to visit my website to look for new articles so by entering your email below, you can receive interesting new articles, recipes and product reviews to your inbox to read at a time that suit you.