30 Days to better BBQ

30 Days to better BBQ

30 Days to Better BBQ is a series of articles I published everyday during June 2017 to help beginners get to grips with the basics of BBQ. Each article contained tips on different techniques and recipes, written by some of the most influential people on the UK BBQ Scene.

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30 Days to Better BBQ

Day 01 – The importance of Fuel
Day 02 – Lumpwood Charcoal vs Briquettes
Day 03 – Lighting your Charcoal BBQ
Day 04 – Keeping control of your cooking
Day 05 – Monitoring the temperature of your BBQ
Day 06 – Controlling the temperature of your BBQ
Day 07 – Planning your cook
Day 08 – Setting up your BBQ for direct cooking
Day 09 – Grilling over a controlled heat
Day 10 – Preventing flare ups
Day 11 – Making your own rubs and sauces
Day 12 – Tips for using rubs and sauces
Day 13 – Cooking the perfect steak
Day 14 – Making your own Burgers
Day 15 – Indirect cooking is a game changer
Day 16 – Indirect cooking setup
Day 17 – Different ways to prepare your meat
Day 18 – Knowing when your food is cooked
Day 19 – Baking on your BBQ
Day 20 – BBQ on the Go
Day 21 – Making a classic roast chicken
Day 22 – Getting started with smoking
Day 23 – Don’t over smoke your food
Day 24 – Smoking on any style of BBQ
Day 25 – Snake vs Minion Method
Day 26 – Varieties of smoking wood
Day 27 – Become best friends with your butcher
Day 28 – Pulled pork recipe
Day 29 – Year round BBQ
Day 30 – Keeping a BBQ Journal


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