Pork Loin – Herb and Garlic infused

Pork Loin is a beautiful cut of meat and there is no better way to cook it than roasting it on the barbecue. Scoring and brushing the fat with a herb and garlicĀ infused oil will pack the meat full of flavour and help the fat crisp up. Ingredients 2lb Pork Loin (Make sure your butcher … Read morePork Loin – Herb and Garlic infused

Pulled Pork – Apple Smoked

This old American favourite is one of the recipes that has come to epitomise low and slow barbecue. The idea of taking a very tough cut of meat, smoking it for a long time at a low temperature to break down all the fats and connective tissues inside it until the point that it literally … Read morePulled Pork – Apple Smoked